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A simple guide to standard private coaches

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

These coaches are the most popular vehicle for coach hire trips. Standard coaches can be used for every type of journey including school trips, airport transfers, events, weddings, conferences, tour groups, and city transfers.

Standard coaches come in a range of colors from white, silver, gold to red and blue. Transport Advisor generally use plain white vehicles however this can vary depending on availability. Standard Coaches are available in 30 - 39 seats 49 seats, 53 seats, and 57 seats.

All vehicles are fitted with fabric upholstery seats and seat belts. Standard coaches will have ducted air-con and heating. A standard coach may not always have adjustable armrests or reclining chairs as this is a feature for executive coaches.

Standard coaches have underneath storage bins for luggage and suitcases. Most coaches will have sufficient space for 1 luggage case per person or more depending on the size of the coach, however, it is recommended to check your luggage requirements at the point of requesting your quotation.

Small coaches are often referred to as midi coaches they are normally 30 - 39 seats. This type of coach is perfect for medium size groups such as city transfers, airport transfers, tours, and events. The midi coach is compact which makes it great for traveling inside city center streets and roads. Some larger coaches may find some streets are restricted due to weight and height regulations or the room for the coach turning circle.

If you require a standard coach service you can request a Free quotation Here or email us directly at

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