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5# Things that could stop you seeing Foo Fighters at Leeds Festival this year!

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

A least once in your lifetime you will visit a music festival throughout the UK, and why not it's an ideal weekend for music fanatics who love the experience of connecting with their favorite band and indulging in the aromas of world foods being cooked on outdoor BBQ's and lastly not forgetting the taste of cold beer as the British Summer gives it its best go!

Traveling to festivals can be some of the busiest times on the UK roads and many people decide to travel in groups, not only to save money but to save time and be more efficient. Groups traveling with private minibus and coach providers are sometimes not aware that bringing extra luggage can delay or void their travel, and ultimately lead to you missing that headline band you've really been waiting for. So to avoid missing the Foo Fighters at Leeds Festival we have put a list together of 5 things to leave at home.

#1st Item Large Gazebos

Even though gazebos can fold down in to flat packs they are still quite long and can be up to 2 meters in a box. This can be awkward to store, especially if you are bringing this additionally to your suitcase or back pack.

#2nd Item Folding Tables

Folding chairs and table packs can flat pack but when you have a coach full of 40 passengers and 10 people are wanting to bring a folding table set with them it can start to fill the underneath coach storage very quickly.

What does the underneath coach storage look like ?

Generally underneath coach storage is enough for each passenger to have 1 suitcase. Plus the driver will have some overflow room for a couple of folding wheelchairs, prams or buggies. To give you an inside of what to expect you can see and image below of a 45 - 49 seat regular coach. Please be aware that on some minibuses and midi coaches up to 30 seats there is non or very little storage for cases.

#3rd Item Animals and pets

Believe it or not some festival goers like to take their pets with them but unfortunately pets are not allowed on most minibus and coaches due to safety and regulations. The only exception is guide dogs which are used for assistance. You could always try Barking Mad the Uk's most trusted dog sitting service.

#4th Item Generators and portable fridges

Larger items such as generators and fridges have been known to be squeezed on to some coaches, however they are not very practical and 9 times out of 10 the driver is going to refuse large items especially if he still has regular luggage to fit underneath the coach. Leave the generator at home and bring along a portable solar charger. You can pick up a solar charger quite cheap from stores such as Amazon.

#5th Item excessive quantities of alcohol

Drinking alcohol is not permitted on board of most coaches and minibuses in the UK. However the transit of sealed alcohol may be allowed in the underneath coach storage. But again we would recommend not to bring excessive amounts as they may be rejected and they don't taste very nice warm. To make sure you have a smooth journey and a fun time we would recommend bringing the minimum quantity and save your money to buy a fresh chilled beer onsite.

To make sure you arrive on time for the big line up be sure to book in advance and check your luggage allowance with your provider. If you are still looking for minibus and coach hire to Leeds you can contact Transport Advisor UK and we will discuss your requirements and provide you with a Free quotation.

More information about pre-arranged accommodation and tent packages can be found directly on Leeds Festival home page. This may save you bringing along extra camping equipment because its all provided within their package.

If you can think of any other reasons that might stop you seeing your favorite band at Leeds Festival leave your comments below.

Maybe............ you are at another stage


Maybe............. you have a bad hangover and slept through it all.

Have a great Leeds Festival and feel free to share this post with your Friends!

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