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Visiting Longleat Safari Park by Coach in 2021

Longleat Safari Park is one of the favorite coach group destinations for schools, tours, and private groups. The Park is a 900-acre parkland located in South West England. The park first opened in 1966 and was the first safari drive-through to be opened outside of Africa. Over the year's Long Leat has grown to be the UK's best safari Park not only because of their amazing animal collection but because of their fun family orientated exhibitions and live events.

Animals you can expect to see at Longleat

African Lion

The African Lion lives in groups called prides and they generally stay in grassy plains or savannahs. African Lions are now extinct in the North of Africa however you will have a rare opportunity to see Lions close up at Longleat Safari Park.


You will have an amazing chance come face to face with Giraffes at Longleat. The park offers one to one feeding for visitors to take part in. The Giraffe is a mammal that originates from Africa, it is currently considered the tallest living terrestrial animal.

Western Lowland Gorilla

Originally found in places such as Cameroon, Central African, and Congo the Gorilla is the largest in the Ape family and is now dangerously endangered. Longleat has a troop of five Lowland Gorillas which are cared for and protected by the Safari staff to ensure we still have a Gorilla population.

Longleat homed the second oldest Gorilla in the world until recently when they sadly discovered he had died during his sleep. The Gorilla was named Nico and still holds lots of memories for the park and staff.

Chilean Flamingo

At Longleat Park, you will find the Chilean Flamingo which is originally from South American territories. These beautiful pink birds will be naturally on display near the wetlands and provide a great opportunity to get the camera out for a photo.

Koala bears

Longleat cares for the only two southern male Koala bear outside of Australia. Due to unpredicted weather and diseases, there is only 100,000 Koala alive. Longleat is encouraging protection and breeding programs for the Koala bears.

Attractions At Longleat Safari Park for Coach Hire Groups

Mazed Hedge

The Mazed hedge is a truly amazing attraction at Longleat Park. Built with 16,000 English yew trees it is the biggest maze in England. The maze offers a great opportunity for group teamwork and fun coordination to complete the task of finding the middle.

Longleat Railway

The Park offers a fun way for groups to view the estate grounds which hold some fabulous scenic views.

Reptile Park

In the Reptile park, you will be able to access the Handling Hall which is only for the strong-hearted if you are comfortable with holding tarantula's and stroking snakes this will be perfect for you.

Jungle Cruise

The Jungle cruise allows you to take a journey across the lake to see the Gorilla Island, feed sea lions, and spot hippos. The cruise is a fun activity to take up when visiting Longleat Safari Park.

Example Map Of Longleat Safari Park

Safari Map of the estate grounds and safari park route can be downloaded directly from the Longleat Website or Click Here

Longleat now has an impressive interactive map that can be downloaded as an app to your device. Click Here

Entry costs at Longleat Safari Park 2021