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Places to see when visiting England by coach

Top things to do in England

England is a top tourist destination in the United Kingdom filled with a rich history and mind-blowing activities to try out. The country is surrounded by more than 600 miles of thrilling coastline with varieties of top tourist attractions to visit in the world. The country is divided into nine regions and each has its history, culture, and personality, some of the best things to do in England are listed below.

Visit the Stonehenge

The Stonehenge is about 10 miles north of Salisbury and it is the most popular prehistoric monument in Europe. It features a visitor center where you can enjoy the audio-visual experiences and get an insight into how the megaliths were erected and life when they were placed here between 3000 and 1500 BC. After you walk around the stones, you will then visit the authentic replicas of Neolithic houses where you will discover the tools and implements used during the Neolithic era and some volunteers demonstrate skills from 4,500 years ago. Although you will not be chanced to stroll around the stones during the normal opening hours, it is best if you reserve early morning or late evening access into the circle.

Go sightseeing at the Roman Baths and Georgian City of Bath

Bath is one of the best places to visit if you have limited time to visit the smaller city in England. The city is picturesque and it is filled with varieties of tourist attractions that you can explore. The highlight of the city is the majestic 2000 years old Roman Baths that were constructed around the hot springs. The city is also popularly known for the honey-colored Georgian Townhouses that can be found on Royal Crescent. Most of the buildings in the city are also regarded to be of historical and architectural importance which makes the city be granted the World Heritage status. The city is also a perfect destination if you are planning to explore some of the most mesmerizing countrysides in the country like the Mendip Hills, Avon Valley, and numerous Somerset landmarks.

Visit the British Museum

The British Museum houses collections of antiquities that are among the finest in the world. The museum is filled with over 13 million artifacts from Greece, Assyria, China, Babylonia, Europe, Egypt, and the Roman Empire. You are going to find numerous interesting pieces of artwork on show here and the highlight is the Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon in Athens and also the Rosetta Stone. You should also make sure you do not miss the Ancient Egyptian collection that is considered the largest outside of Cairo and also the hoard of Roman silver that dates back to the 4th century also called the Mildenhall Treasure.

Explore the Lake District National Park

This park is among the top destination not to miss while in England and it stretches over 900 square miles. The park houses 12 of the largest lakes in the country with over 2000 miles of hiking paths to explore where you will enjoy breathtaking views. Some of the best things to try out while you are at the park are to visit the lovely little towns and villages, explore the numerous falls in the park, and also go on a boat cruise across Lake Ullswater and Windermere for a different perspective.

Go sightseeing at Canterbury Cathedral

This cathedral can be found in the heart of Canterbury and it houses the Archbishop of Canterbury and also considered the cradle of English Christianity. It is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its rich history. After exploring the cathedral, there are varieties of activities that you can explore in the city. Canterbury is regarded as a famous entertainment and cultural destination in England and it is encircled by galleries, stores, cafes, and varieties of attractions that you can explore.

Wander around Eden Project

The Eden Project houses a collection of unique artificial biomes that comprises of a fascinating collection of plants from all over the world. It is a top destination to go for nature lovers and can be found in the reclaimed quarry in Cornwall. The complex features huge domes that are similar to the enormous igloo-shaped greenhouses. Each dome in the complex is filled with thousands of different plant species in the Mediterranean and tropical environments. Apart from exploring the plant life, the complex also hosts varieties of lovely arts and music events.

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