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Things to do in London for Coach Groups

Top things to do in London

London is among the top tourist destination in Europe and it attracts about 27 million tourists every year. The city is among the most diverse in the world and it features a rich history and unique culture. The city is filled with lots of attractions that you can try out which ranges from exploring the iconic monuments to relaxing in the park. Some of the best things to do in London are listed below.

Go sightseeing at the Natural History Museum

This museum is a destination worth checking out if only to see the great Hintze Hall which houses the enormous T.rex dinosaur fossil. The museum features 36 free galleries that you can check out. The museum is divided into varieties of color zones namely the blue zones which houses diverse life forms from large mammals to dinosaurs, the green zone features the evolution of the earth, the red zone shows the different life forces that helps shapes the creation of the Earth, while the orange zone houses scientists at work with the wildlife Garden.

Visit the Hyde Park

This is among the largest park in London and it is among the Royal Parks of London. The highlight is the Hyde Park Corner located on the southeast corner. The park also houses the water bodies known as The Serpentine and Long Water; it was also the site used for the Great Exhibition of 1851. The park has a huge history and surrounded by a wide range of attractions to enjoy. It also hosts the summer concerts and the Winter Wonderland.

Enjoy great views of the city from the London Eye

Your trip to London will be incomplete if you do not visit the London Eye. The London Eye is an enormous Ferris wheel that offers scenic views across the city and was built originally to celebrate the millennium. The London Eye features a pod that will offer lovely views and you can either share a ride with other visitors or just opt for a private pod suitable for couples. You can also head to the London Aquarium where you will see aquatic creatures from all around the world.

Go sightseeing at the Victoria and Albert Museum

This museum is considered a treasure trove for the numerous decorative art and design history that dates back thousands of years. The building in which the museum is located features a Victorian architectural design. Some of the best things to see here are Trees at Hampstead by Constable, Cecil Beaton’s collection of Royal Portraits, and so on.

Go on a Thames Cruise

River Thames is considered the lifeblood of London and it helps in bringing industries to the city for years. The river is also regarded as the longest river in England and it was used as a base for settlements during prehistoric times. You will find varieties of companies that offer cruise across the river and it offers the chance to enjoy the city from a different perspective. On the river, you will get to pass some of the major attractions in the city such as the London Eye, Tower Bridge, and so on. You will also find some cruises that run at night and it offers the opportunity to see the major landmarks at night while you will enjoy a meal or afternoon tea in some other cruises.

Wander around Chinatown

The Chinatown in London can be found between Soho and Leicester Square. You will surely not miss this thrilling neighborhood as it features Chinese lanterns and lovely red arches. You will find lots of Asian restaurants, secret bars, and supermarkets that you can explore. If you want to try out authentic Asia cuisine, head to the HK Diner where you can enjoy a delicious roast duck with top-notch service.

Explore the National Gallery

London is a top destination to go for art lovers as it is surrounded by galleries that you can visit. Although most of the gallery in the cities is free, you should make sure you do not miss the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. The gallery houses artworks by Turner, Rembrandt, da Vinci, and Van Gogh on display.

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