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Covid-19 Safe Transport in the UK

The newly identified Coronavirus (COVID-19) has developed into a pandemic affecting nearly every person in the world in some way or another.

The most serve effects are the obvious infection and transmission of the disease, in which some cases can be fatal. Travelers in the UK are being advised to follow the strict public health rules in place to help reduce the spread of the disease. All Advice on safety rules and travel restrictions can be read at verified sources such as or

Local Government guidance and rules on COVID-19 can be found the UK Government website

World advice on COVID-19 can be found on the World Health Organization website

While parts of the UK remain under partial lockdown and residents are being presented with ongoing new restrictions we will not be providing coach and minibus services, however, we will be providing quotes for coach and minibus hire journeys which are planned to take place in 2021.

In the meantime, we will be implementing new safety measures which will help us provide Covid-19 safe transport. Once it is an appropriate and safe time for us to start providing group travel again you will see the Now Open Banner on our home page. Because of the actions and measures being implemented right now we are confident to provide you with a safe service.

Outlined below you can read through our procedures and we hope you will be ready to plan your next journey with confidence knowing that our procedures are already in place with the aim to protect passengers and staff.

Which safety measures are Transport Advisor implementing to minibus and coach hire services to enable Covid-19 Safe Transport?

1. Personal Protective Equipment for Drivers

All coach and minibus hire services provided by Transport Advisor will be equipped with drivers who will be required to wear gloves and face masks.

2. Social Distance Seating on coaches and minibusses.

Social distancing will be expected during the on-boarding and off-boarding process and social distance seating will be implemented if required. The recommend social distance will be 1 meter with a face mask.

3. Disinfecting coach and minibusses interior and exterior.

Sanitizer spraying for the interior and exterior of all coaches and minibusses will take place before and after each journey.

4. Passengers will be required to use a hand sanitizer and a facemasks.

Face masks will be required onboard all vehicles to help reduce the risk of transmission and to help reduce the social distancing limits down to 1 meter.

5. Deep clean of buses, coaches, and minibusses.

All buses, coaches, and minibusses will be deep cleaned before and after a full shift to help eliminate any risk of contamination.

Transport Advisor has implemented the above COVID 19 safety procedures to reduce the risks involved when traveling as a group and to ensure confidence in booking safe group travel services.

If you are planning a post-COVID -19 journey once restrictions have been lifted you can contact us via email with your requirements or request a quick quotation on our home page

COVID -19 Staff Transport

Transport Advisor is specialized in COVID-19 safe transport for Staff groups. If you require safe group travel for staff to get to and from your corporation, office, school, or university. Please contact us and we will provide a safe service to suit your requirements.


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