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5 Scariest Places for coach groups To Visit In London

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

London is among the most iconic and historical cities of the world and it is filled with castles, parks, heritage buildings, museums, etc. that you can explore. The city also has its eerie side and if you are looking for a nerve-wracking adventure, you can join tours to the numerous spooky attractions in the city. Some of the scariest places that you can visit are listed below.

London dungeon

The London Dungeon is among the scariest attractions in London. The dungeon offers adventure seekers the chance to get an insight into the horrible history of London which dates back to 1000 years. On this tour, you will surely get a nerve-shattering experience when the live actors bring the dark past of the dungeon to life. You should be expecting a terrifying experience in all corners of the dungeon.

London Bridge Experience

The London Bridge Experience offers visitors the chance to go on a trip into the history of the Bridge and also explore the spooky haunted tunnels where you will find numerous characters. You will get a nerve-wracking adventure on the scare maze in the London Tomb where you creep around the haunted catacombs where zombies and unspeakable creatures crawl around you from the darkness. This experience will also take you through the Bone Yard, the Bloody Butcher, and the hall of the living dead.

Jack the Ripper Walking Tour

This is another top spooky experience that you must not miss while in London and the best thing is that some of the guides on the tour have written books on this popular case. If you are planning to learn more about this crime, you can join a walking tour of the city. The highlight of the tour is that it does not rely on spooky sound effects and cheesy props and it is suitable for history junkie and true crime buff. On this spooky tour, you will wander around the small lanes, crooked back streets, and the murder locations of Jack the Ripper. All the destinations will surely send shivers down your spine and will also give you an insight into the real Jack the Ripper history.

Tour of London

If you want an insight into the dark side of London, the Ghost Bus Tour London is the best one for you. On this tour, you will uncover thrilling tales and murder in the capital and it will surely leave you spooked. You will take a stunning refurbished 1960s Routemaster bus where you will enjoy horror show and the spooky journey will also take you to the popular scary places in the city like the Tower of London, Westminster Cathedral, St Paul’s Cathedral, and the Houses of Parliament. The tour will start from Northumberland Avenue and it will take about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Churchill war rooms

The Churchill war rooms are located under the complex of buildings in Whitehall and it is usually overlooked by tourists. The rooms are a great place to go if you want to get more insight into life in London during the Second World War. The rooms are now among the Imperial War Museum but were used by the government between 1939 to 1945. The bunker was used by Churchill to have a secret telephone.

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